GENDER - GENDER, RACE & CLASS Invisible Inequality....

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Invisible Inequality. Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families Lareau shows how social class affects parenting styles among both white and black families. Upper middle class family (concerted cultivation) fosters emotional and social growth in child while poor/working class family (natural growth) clearly distinguishes power hierarchy between adults and children. Small nucleus child focused as opposed to otherwise. Concerted cultivation. Natural growth. Family as a socializing institution. Emerging sense of entitlement. Emerging sense of constraint. Making It by Faking It. Working Class Students in an Elite Academic Environment Ganfield focuses on the resocialization working class students undergo in professional institutions. The changes in working class identities has consequences for the students and the legal profession. Students feel a constant struggle between maintaining their identities in their new environment. Emerging deeper into the culture, students move towards new identities &
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GENDER - GENDER, RACE & CLASS Invisible Inequality....

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