gender - Where Im Coming From Hello and good afternoon. I...

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Where I’m Coming From Hello and good afternoon. I am Professor [name omitted] and today I will be speaking on the development of Black feminism and its connection to American politics and Caribbean life. I will begin by addressing colonial American politics and its effects on the development of early definition of the Black woman. Mark E. Kann notes in his book The Gendering of American Politics that the foundation of prejudice and oppression of Black females was a result of poor memory, in a sense. “The gendering of American politics began with the founding fathers’ forgetfulness.” When the founding fathers set up this country – and I say the founding fathers and not our founding fathers because they did not belong to the women, especially the Black women, of this country – when they set up this country, they did not do so in a fashion that would be inclusive of, or fair to, women. In that time, the woman’s job was to marry, take care of the household, and bear sons. In her sons she was obligated to instill a strong sense of morality, dignity and virtue. She was not her own person but rather an extension of her husband. Everything she said or didn’t say, did or didn’t
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do, reflected onto her husband. The definition of a woman was always in terms of a man. Not only was it looked down upon to be a female but also, anything associated with a female. For a man to be effeminate, to be emotional as opposed to logical, was a shameful act in the eyes of society. It was against nature. The good man was the opposite of the effeminate man. The identity of the American woman was not a clear one. At the same time that women were being classified as impulsive, passionate creatures, they were expected to keep men moral and virtuous. The role of wife-mother was extended to a woman’s
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gender - Where Im Coming From Hello and good afternoon. I...

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