stores a number and an operation for use after you

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Unformatted text preview: Example: Multiply 3, 7, and 45 by 8. Procedure Keystrokes Clear calculator. Display 0.00 Begin first calculation. 3 Store x and 8 in constant register. < Calculate 7 7 56.00 45 360.00 Calculate 45 8. 8. 3 `8 Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations 24.00 11 Constant Key Sequences The following table shows how to set the constant for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, universal power, and percent. The constant value is denoted by c. Key Sequence Function nH `c Adds c to each subsequent entry. n `c Subtracts c from each subsequent entry. n< `c Multiplies each subsequent entry by c. n `c Divides each subsequent entry by c. n `c Raises each subsequent entry to the power of c. nH `c Adds c% of each subsequent entry to that entry. n `c Subtracts c% of each subsequent entry from that entry. Repeat constant calculations with n . Setting the Format for Number of Decimal Places The calculator internally stores numeric values to an accuracy of 13 digits. You can specify the number of decimal places to be displayed. The default is two decimal places, rounding if necessary. The decimal format setting affects only the display; it does not round the internal value, except for amortization and depreciation results. To round the internal value, use the round function. Note: Examples in this guidebook assume a setting of two decimal places. Other settings may show different results. Procedure: Changing the Decimal Format 1. Press setting. |. DEC is displayed, indicating the current decimal-place 2. Enter the number of decimal places to be displayed (0 through 9) and press . To specify a floating-decimal format, enter 9. 3. Choose one of the following to continue: To continue setting formats, press . To return to the standard-calculator mode, press . To access another prompted worksheet, press the appropriate worksheet key or key sequence. 12 Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations Setting the Format for Angle Units You can enter and display angle values in either degre...
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