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Unformatted text preview: ce method Setting/Enter DBX* DB method with crossover to SL Setting/Enter SLF* French straight-line method Setting/Enter DBF* French declining balance method Setting/Enter LIF Life of the asset in years Enter-only M01 Starting month Enter-only DT1 Starting date (SLF) Enter-only CST Cost of the asset Enter-only SAL Salvage value of the asset Enter-only YR Year to compute Enter-only DEP Depreciation for the year Auto-compute RBV Remaining book value at the end of the year Auto-compute RDV Remaining depreciable value Auto-compute * Press method. repeatedly to view all of the options for depreciation Notes about the Depreciation Worksheet sets LIF, M01, and YR to 1 and sets CST and SAL to zero. The depreciation method is not affected. sets the depreciation method to SL; declining-balance percent (for DB and DBX only) to 200; LIF, M01, and YR to 1; and CST and SAL to zero. Chapter 5: Using the Depreciation Worksheet 43 Notes on the Depreciation Worksheet (Continued) SLF (straight-line, French method) and DBF (declining-balance, French method) are European depreciation methods. They are only available if you have selected the European format for entering dates or entering separators in numbers. DT1 (initial date) is available only for SLF. DEP, RBV, and RDV are calculated a year at a time. Results are rounded to the number of decimal places specified by the display format. Values for DEP, RBV, and RDV are computed and displayed automatically when you press to display each variable. If you choose DB or DBX as the depreciation method, enter a value for declining-balance percent when you display the DB or DBX label. The value you enter must be a positive number. (The default value is 200.) The value you enter for LIF must be: If SL or SLF is selected, a positive real number. If SYD, DB, DBX, or DBF is selected, a positive integer. The value you enter for M01 has two parts. The integer portion represents the month that the asset is placed into service. The decimal portion represents the fraction of the initia...
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