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00 view second year amortization data 21 bal prn int

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Unformatted text preview: lable for performing cash-flow calculations. The key lets you enter cash flow data. The ( key lets you compute net present value, and the key lets you compute internal rate of return. Press and to move through each set of variables. Cash Flow Worksheet Keys and Labels Key Label Meaning Type of Variable Cfo Initial cash flow Enter-only Cnn* Amount of nth cash flow Enter-only Fnn* Frequency of nth cash flow Enter-only Discount rate Enter-only NPV Net present value Compute-only IRR Internal rate of return Compute-only ( * nn represents the number of the cash flow (C01–C24) or the number of the corresponding frequency (F01–F24). Notes about the Cash Flow Worksheet sets all variable values to zero. sets all variable values to zero. To enter cash-flow values and frequencies, press . You can enter the initial cash flow (CFo) plus up to 24 cash flows, each of which can be a unique value. Enter inflows (cash received) as positive and outflows (cash paid out) as negative. Use to enter a negative value. The INS and DEL indicators in the display let you know that the X and key sequences are available. these key sequences let you insert or delete cash flows. Chapter 3: Using the Cash Flow Worksheet 29 Interpreting the Results of IRR Calculations When you compute a value for IRR, the calculator displays either a solution or an error message. When a solution is displayed, there are two possibilities. The displayed solution is the only solution. There may be additional solutions. This occurs when there are two or more sign changes in the cash flow sequence. When an error message is displayed, there are two possibilities. No solution for IRR exists (Error 5). This occurs when there are no sign changes in the cash flow sequence. The calculator is unable to determine a value for IRR within a maximum number of iterations (Error 7). For a detailed description of sign changes as they relate to IRR, refer to the Appendix. Uneven and Grouped Cash Flows Uneven Cash Flows The Cash Flow worksheet lets...
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