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Unformatted text preview: e procedures on these pages each time you perform a Statistics calculation. Deleting a Data Point When the DEL indicator is displayed, you can delete a data point. 1. Press 2. Press or until the data point you want to delete is displayed. . The data point you specified (both X and Y) is deleted. The calculator decreases the numbers of subsequent data points so that there is no gap. Inserting a Data Point When the INS indicator is displayed, you can insert a data point. 1. Press or until the display shows the current X variable of the data point where you want to insert the new data. For example, if you want to insert a new second data point, display X02. 2. Press X. 3. Key in the new X value and press . The new X value is entered “above” the current data point. The calculator increases the numbers of the current and subsequent data points. For example, X02 becomes X03. 4. If necessary, press . 52 . Then key in a value for the Y variable and press Chapter 6: Using the Statistics Worksheet Computing Results Selecting a Statistics Calculation Method 1. Press to select the statistical calculation portion of the Statistics worksheet. The most recently selected statistics calculation method is displayed: LIN, Ln, EXP, PWR, or 1-V. 2. Press repeatedly until the statistics calculation method you want is displayed. If you are analyzing one-variable data, select 1-V. 3. Press to begin computing results. Computing Results To compute results based on the current data set, press you have selected the statistics calculation method. repeatedly after The results of the statistical calculations (except for X' and Y') are computed and displayed automatically when you access them. For one-variable statistics, only values for n, x, Sx, x, X, and X2 are computed and displayed. Computing Y' 1. If necessary, press 2. Press or . until X' is displayed. 3. Key in a value for X' and press 4. Press 5. Press . to display the Y' variable. to compute a predicted Y' value. Computing X' 1. If necessary, press 2. Press or . until Y' is displayed. 3....
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