Algebraic hierarchy the table below shows the order

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Unformatted text preview: cover pops slightly open. Then lift the cover off the back of the calculator. 3. Using a paper clip or similar instrument, gently pry the discharged battery out of the battery compartment. 4. Install the new battery as shown. Be sure that the + symbol on the battery is facing up (toward the back of the calculator). 5. Slide the cover back into place and snap closed. 6. Press $ to turn the calculator on. The calculator is ready to be used. Caution: Dispose of the old battery properly. Do not incinerate it or leave the battery where a child can find it. 86 Appendix A: Reference Information In Case of Difficulty If you have difficulty operating the calculator, you may be able to correct the problem without returning the calculator for service. This table lists several problems and possible solutions. Possible Solutions Difficulty Solution The calculator computes wrong answers. Check the settings of the current worksheet to make sure they are right for the problem you are working; for example, check END and BGN in the TVM worksheet. In the TVM worksheet, also check to make sure that the unused variable is set to zero. The display is blank; digits do not appear. Select the worksheet again. Be sure the battery is properly installed; replace the battery if necessary. The calculator does not display the worksheet variables that you expect. Be sure the calculator is in the correct worksheet. The calculator does not display the number of decimal places that you expect. Press | to check or adjust the setting for number of decimal places to be displayed. The calculator does not display the date format that you want. Press | to check or adjust the setting for date format. The calculator does not display the separator format that you want. Press | to check or adjust the setting for separator format. The calculator does not Press | to check or adjust display the expected result the setting for calculation method. in a math calculation. An error occurs. Check the errors listed in Error Conditions. If you experience difficulties other than those listed above, press to clear the calculator, and then repeat your calculations. Appendix A: Reference Information 87 TI Product Service and Warranty Information TI Product and Services Information For more information about TI products and services, contact TI by e-mail or visit the TI calculator home page on the world-wide web. e-mail address: [email protected] internet address: Service and Warranty Information For information about the length and terms of the warranty or about product service, refer to the warranty statement enclosed with this product or contact your local Texas Instruments retailer/distributor. 88 Appendix A: Reference Information...
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