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Unformatted text preview: ksheet to a known starting point. Also returns you to the first variable in the worksheet. All 10 memories. One of the 10 memories without affecting the others. D and the key for the number of the memory (0-9) * When you are in a prompted worksheet, pressing P repeatedly returns you to standard-calculator mode. Correcting Entry Errors If you have not yet pressed an operation key (such as H or 4) after entering an incorrect number, you can correct the number without clearing the calculation. You can remove the last digit or decimal point from a number you have keyed in by pressing the backspace key . Then you can key in the correct digit. You can erase the entire number by pressing P once. Then you can enter the correct number and continue with your calculation. Note: Pressing P to correct a numeric entry immediately after you have pressed an operation key clears any calculation in progress. Example Calculate 3 1234.56, but accidentally enter .86 instead of .56. Use correct the mistake. Then continue with your calculation. Procedure Keystrokes to Display Clear the calculator. 0.00 Begin the expression. 3< Enter the second number incorrectly. 1234 .86 1,234.86 56 1,234.56 Erase the 86. Complete the number. 3.00 1,234. Proceed. 3,703.68 Math Operations When the calculation method is set to chain (Chn), mathematical expressions, such as 3 + 2 4, are evaluated in the order that you enter Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations 5 them. The key completes an operation and displays the result. Some operations are performed immediately and do not require that you press This chart shows you how to perform math operations. . Operation Example Keystrokes Addition 6+4 6H4 Display Subtraction 6 4 6 4 2.00 Multiplication 6 4 6<4 24.00 Division 6P4 6 4 1.50 1.25 3 1.25 3.95 10.00 Universal power 3 Parentheses 7 Percent 4% of $453 453 < 4 18.12 Percent ratio 14 is what percent of 25? 14 25 56.00 34.86 532.86 (3 + 5) 7< 3H5 Percent add-on $498 + 7% sales tax 498 H 7 Percent discount $69.99 10% dis...
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