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Automatic compute variables for automatic compute

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Unformatted text preview: PV, PMT, and FV) are enteror-compute variables. It is not necessary to be in the standard-calculator mode when you enter values for these variables. However, you must be in the standard-calculator mode to compute values for these variables. To enter a TVM value, key a value into the display and press the appropriate variable key. To compute a TVM value, press and the appropriate variable key. Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations 19 Enter-or-Compute Variables in the Prompted Worksheets Some prompted worksheets contain variables that you can either enter or compute. When you access an enter-or-compute variable, the variable label is displayed along with both the ENTER and COMPUTE indicators. The ENTER indicator reminds you that, if you key in a value for the variable, you must press to assign the value to the variable. The COMPUTE indicator reminds you that, if you want to compute a value for the variable, you must press . After you press the value. or , an = sign is displayed between the label and Selecting Worksheet Settings The TVM and most prompted worksheets have variables with two or more options. These are called settings. When you access a setting, the variable label and the SET indicator are displayed. The label that is displayed indicates the current setting. Press 20 to display all the different options. Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations CHAPTER 2 Using the Time-Value-of-Money and Amortization Worksheets The Time-Value-of-Money and Amortization worksheets are useful in applications where the cash flows are equal, evenly spaced, and either all inflows or all outflows. They help you solve problems involving annuities, loans, mortgages, leases, and savings. You can also generate an amortization schedule. The TVM and Amortization Keys \ , 0 TVM and Amortization Worksheet Keys and Labels Key/Key Sequence Label Meaning Type of Variable , N Number of periods Enter/compute I/Y Interest rate per year Enter/compute PV Present value Enter/compute PMT Payment E...
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