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Dep rbv and rdv are calculated a year at a time

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Unformatted text preview: l month in which the asset begins to depreciate. For example, entering 1.5 specifies that the asset begins to depreciate in the middle of the first month. Entering 4.25 specifies that the asset begins to depreciate a quarter of the way through the fourth month. When computing depreciation, the value you enter for YR must be a positive integer. From RDV, you can press depreciation year, press to return to YR. To represent the next to increment the value for YR by one. Repeatedly returning to YR, pressing to increment the value for YR, and computing values for DEP, RBV, and RDV computes a depreciation schedule. The schedule is complete when RDV equals zero. 44 Chapter 5: Using the Depreciation Worksheet Entering Data and Computing Results Because the worksheet stores previous values and settings until you change them or clear the worksheet, you may not need to do all the steps in the procedure every time you calculate a depreciation problem. Selecting a Depreciation Method 1. Press p to select the Depreciation worksheet. The label for the current depreciation method is displayed. 2. Press to clear the worksheet. 3. Press repeatedly until the depreciation method you want is displayed (SL, SLF, SYD, DB, DBX, or DBF). 4. If you select DB or DBX, key in a value for the declining-balance percent. The default value is 200. Entering Data 1. Press to display LIF. 2. Key in a value for LIF and press . 3. Press repeatedly and enter values for M01, DT1 (if SLF), CST, SAL, and YR just as you did for LIF. If you want to use SLF or DBF, do not forget to set either the European date format or the European format for separators ( |). Computing Results After entering the data, press repeatedly to automatically compute and display values for DEP, RBV, and RDV. The symbol in the display lets you know that each value has been computed. Generating a Depreciation Schedule To generate a depreciation schedule and compute values for other years: 1. Press to display the YR variable. Then press value by one. to increm...
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