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Set the displayed variable is a setting that you can

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Unformatted text preview: hat you can change by pressing . $ You can press to view previous variables in the current worksheet or to view subsequent variables. DEL You can press statistical data point. to delete a cash flow or a INS You can press X to insert a cash flow or a statistical data point. Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations 3 Display Indicators (Continued) Indicator Meaning BGN You have selected beginning-of-period payments for TVM calculations. If the BGN indicator is not displayed when you are in the TVM worksheet, end-of-period payments are selected. RAD The calculator is in the radian mode. All angle values are displayed and must be entered as radians. If the RAD indicator is not displayed, all angle values are displayed and must be entered as degrees. € The displayed value has been entered in a worksheet. After a computation, the € indicators are cleared. The displayed value has been computed in a worksheet. If you make a change to the worksheet that invalidates a previously computed value, the indicator is removed from that value. = The displayed value is “assigned” to the variable represented by the label in the display. If the = indicator is not displayed, the displayed value is not assigned to the displayed variable. The displayed value is negative. Clearing the Calculator To clear: Press: One character at a time from the display (including decimal points). An incorrect entry, an error condition, or an error message from the display. P Out of a prompted worksheet and return to standardcalculator mode. All pending operations in the standard-calculator mode and display zero. In a prompted worksheet, a value you have keyed into the display but not yet entered as a variable value. The previous value returns. PP Any calculation you have started but have not yet completed. PP 4 Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations To clear: Press: The TVM worksheet and return the values in the worksheet to a known starting point. Any prompted worksheet (not TVM) and return the values in the wor...
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