The memories can hold any numeric value within the

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Unformatted text preview: ations 9 Clearing the Memories There are two ways to clear memory. Storing a zero in an individual memory effectively clears the memory (shown in “Memory Examples” below). To clear all of the memories simultaneously, press to clear the Memory worksheet. Store in Memory To store a displayed value to a memory (0 through 9), press D and a digit key 0 through 9. Any previous value in that memory is replaced by the new value. When you turn the calculator off, the Constant Memory all stored values. feature retains Recall from Memory To recall a number stored in a memory to the display, press and a digit key 0 through 9. The number is displayed, but also remains in memory. Memory Examples Function Key Sequence Store a zero in memory 4 (effectively clears the memory). 0D4 Store 14.95 in memory 3. 14.95 D 3 Recall a value from memory 7. 7 Memory Arithmetic Memory arithmetic allows you to perform a calculation on a stored value and then store the result with a single operation. Memory arithmetic does not change the displayed value, only the value in the affected memory. Memory arithmetic does not complete any calculation in progress. The table on the next page shows the memory arithmetic functions available with the calculator. In each case, the result is stored in the specified memory. 10 Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations Each of these examples assumes that a value is already in the display. Function Key Sequence Add the value in the display to the value in memory 9. DH9 Subtract the value in the display from the value in memory 3. D Multiply the value in memory 0 by the value in the display. D<0 Divide the value in memory 5 by the value in the display. D 5 Raise the value in memory 4 to the power of the displayed value. D 4 3 Constant Calculations The constant key sequence in repetitive calculations. ` stores a number and an operation for use After you store the constant, you can use it in subsequent calculations by entering a new value and pressing . The constant is cleared when you press any key other than a numeric entry key or ....
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