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Then compute a value for the fifth variable to solve

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Unformatted text preview: en worksheet. FC (old contents) Clear worksheet. FC = 0.00 3000 FC = 3,000.00€ Enter variable cost per unit. 15 VC = 15.00€ Enter price. 20 P= 20.00€ Enter fixed costs. Leave profit as is. PFT = Compute quantity. Q= 0.00 600.00 600 paddles must be sold to break even. The Memory Worksheet To access the Memory worksheet, press . This worksheet gives you visual access to the calculator's 10 memories. The Memory worksheet makes it easy to compare stored values and reduces the chance of recalling the wrong value. Memory Worksheet Labels Label Meaning Type of Variable M0 Memory 0 Enter-only M1 Memory 1 Enter-only M2 Memory 2 Enter-only M3 Memory 3 Enter-only M4 Memory 4 Enter-only M5 Memory 5 Enter-only M6 Memory 6 Enter-only M7 Memory 7 Enter-only M8 Memory 8 Enter-only M9 Memory 9 Enter-only Chapter 7: Using Other Worksheets 67 Notes on the Memory Worksheet The Memory worksheet has no built-in formulas, no settings to select, and no values to compute. All variables are enter-only variables. You can access the 10 memories individually by using D, , and the digit keys as described in Chapter 1. However, by selecting the Memory worksheet, you can easily review the 10 memories by pressing and . To clear all of the memories at once, press . Procedure: Using the Memory Worksheet 1. Press to select the worksheet. M0 is displayed, along with any value you may have stored in this memory. 2. Perform any of the following operations. To clear all 10 memories at once, press To view the contents of the memories, press . or . To store a value in a memory, key in the value when the memory you want is displayed (M0 through M9). Then press . To perform memory arithmetic without being in the Memory worksheet, refer to “Memory Operations” in Chapter 1. Example: Clearing a Memory To store a zero in memory 4 (in effect, clearing the memory): 1. Press or 2. Press 0 until M4 is displayed. . Example: Storing a Value to a Memory To store 95 in memory 3: 1. Press or 2. Press 95 until M3 is displayed. . Example: Adding a Value to a Memory To add 95 to the value in memory 9: 1. Press or 2. Press H 95 68 until M9 is displayed. . Chapter 7: Using Other Worksheets Example: Subtracting a Value from a Memory To subtract 95 from the valu...
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