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You access the time value of money tvm worksheet

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Unformatted text preview: values for the unknown variables. Variable labels are displayed one at a time, along with any value previously assigned to the variable. By changing the values of the variables, you can quickly perform “what if” calculations. Generally, each worksheet is independent of the others; operations you perform in one worksheet do not affect variables in other worksheets. All current worksheet data is retained when you stop using a worksheet, even if you turn off the calculator. Types of Worksheets The calculator has two modes: the standard-calculator mode and the prompted-worksheet mode. In the standard-calculator mode, you can perform standard math operations and compute TVM values (N, I/V, PV, PMT, FV). Prompted worksheets guide you through specialized tasks such as amortization calculations and cash-flow analyses. Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations 17 The TVM Worksheet You access the five time-value-of-money variables with the five TVM keys on the third row of the keyboard. You can access other parts of the TVM worksheet and other TVM functions by pressing the key. \ , 0 You can enter values using the five basic TVM keys at any time, even when you are in another worksheet. However, to compute TVM values or clear the TVM worksheet, you must be in the standard-calculator mode. To return to the standard-calculator mode, press . The Prompted Worksheets To access the column of variables within a prompted worksheet (or portion of a prompted worksheet), press the appropriate worksheet key or key sequence. For example, to access the amortization variables P1, P2, BAL, PRN, and INT (first payment in a range, last payment in a range, remaining balance, principal, and interest), press \. This is the prompted worksheet for amortization calculations. Press and to move to the next or previous variable in a prompted worksheet. Different variable labels and values are displayed. Indicators in the display prompt you to select settings, enter values, or compute results. To return to standard-calculator mode, press . Types of Worksheet Variables There are five type...
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