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Unformatted text preview: calculation. The calculator automatically computes a value. Example Procedure Keystrokes Clear the calculator. Display 0.00 Enter a calculation and complete it with the equal key. 3H1 4.00 Begin a new calculation. 2 2.00 Recall the last answer. x Complete the calculation. Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations 4.00 16.00 15 Resetting the Calculator Resetting the calculator: Clears the display and any unfinished calculation. Clears all 10 memories. Clears all worksheet data and restores the default settings. (For information on specific worksheets, refer to the specific worksheet chapters.) Returns the calculator to the standard-calculator mode. Alternatives to Resetting Before resetting the calculator, consider the other methods for clearing described under “Clearing the Calculator.” For example, if you need to clear only one worksheet, you can do so without resetting. Procedure for Resetting If necessary, press P to clear any error condition before resetting the calculator. Then: 1. Press . RST ? and the ENTER indicator are displayed. 2. You have a choice of two options. To reset the calculator, press . RST and 0.00 are displayed. To cancel the reset operation, press . 0.00 is displayed. In either case, the calculator returns to operation in the standard-calculator mode. 16 Chapter 1: Overview of Calculator Operations Using Worksheets: Tools for Financial Solutions What Is a Worksheet? Each worksheet is designed as a framework for a set of variables. The formulas that define the relationships between the variables, though not visible, are built into each worksheet. Each worksheet is designed to solve specific types of problems such as time-value-of money, cash-flow, bond, or depreciation problems. You access the Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) worksheet variables with the five TVM keys on the third row of the keyboard (,, , , , 0). All other worksheets are prompted. For example, the \ key sequence lets you access the variables in the prompted worksheet to amortization calculations. You select settings for some variables, assign known values to other variables, and compute...
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