You must enter inflows as positive values and

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Unformatted text preview: worksheet or change the values or settings. Therefore, you may not need to do all the steps in the procedure every time you calculate a TVM problem. Procedure: Using the TVM Worksheet 1. Press 2. Press per year. to clear the worksheet. to enter payments per year and/or compounding periods The P/Y label and current value are displayed. (The default value is 12.) If necessary, key in the number of payments per year and press . 3. Press . The C/Y label and current value and displayed. (The default value is 12.) When you entered a value for P/Y, the same value was automatically entered for C/Y. If necessary, key in a new value for the number of compounding periods per year and press . 4. Press to select beginning-of-period payments or end-of-period payments. (END is the default setting.) To select end-of-period payments, press repeatedly until END is displayed. To select beginning-of-period payments, press until BGN is displayed. repeatedly If you select beginning-of-period payments, the BGN indicator is displayed. If you select end-of-period payments, the BGN indicator is not displayed. 5. Press to return to the standard-calculator mode. 6. Enter values for at least three variables. For example, enter values for PV, I/Y, and N. To enter a value for a variable, key the value into the display and press the appropriate key. For example, to enter $60,000 as the present value, key in a value of 60,000 and press . PV = 60,000.00 is displayed. Note: Make sure the unused variable (in this case, FV) is zero. Pressing 0 stores zero to FV. 7. Compute a value for the unknown variable. To compute a value, press and the appropriate key. Example: To compute and display a value for payment (PMT), press . PMT = and the computed value for the payment amount are displayed. 24 Chapter 2: Using the TVM and Amortization Worksheets Steps in an Amortization Calculation The prompted worksheet for amortization calculations uses the values you entered and computed in the TVM worksheet to compute amortization...
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