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Consider two of the knowns benzophenone and benzil

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Unformatted text preview: f the knowns: benzophenone and benzil. Which of the two compounds has the higher Rf value? Benzophenone has the higher Rf value Which of the two compounds is more polar? Benzil is the more polar compound What are some of the possible explanations for the polarities of the two compounds? Benzophenone is less polar because it has one carbon double bonded to oxygen that pull the electrons in one direction however, the two benzene ring groups cause the overall compound to be more non polar. On the other hand, benzil has two carbons that are each doubly bonded to oxygen the oxygens pull the electrons away in different directions and this causes the compound to be more polar. Though benzil also has two benzene groups, the oxygens pulling electrons cause it to be overall more polar....
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