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Unformatted text preview: 6. Use a vertical marketplace oriented toward small businesses, marketed specifically to put me on an equal basis with my big company competitors, and that even promised to put my personal needs ($500 ?) out for a reverse auction, 7. Use a horizontal marketplace that sends me emails about once a week offering special discounts or rebates. For this test, I tried all 7 methods, using a market basket of 10 common items, and usually using multiple providers within each basic method. The results? The lowest priced overall market basket was about 7% lower than what I had been paying previously, but it charged a handling fee that offset about half the savings. I could have saved about another 10% by buying each item separately from the lowest priced source, but it would have meant 5 separate packages and writing 5 separate checks (and getting on 5 new junk mail lists!). In several cases the items were not exactly the same, so it was impossible to compare them precisely (not a big deal for copy paper, but it would have been if I was in the high tech manufacturing business and the item was an import...
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