And no i never heard back regarding the auction

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Unformatted text preview: ant raw material or component). Ironically, the ones that marketed most directly to me as a small business offered the least savings – two were higher in total cost than what I had previously been paying. And no, I never heard back regarding the auction. Overall, the email offers of rebates were appealing and I still might use them, but generally the incentive for switching suppliers and purchasing methods was low … and I like the free cookies. -- Scott A. Elliff To achieve the “best” overall procurement results, you may need to repeatedly shop the marketplace, changing suppliers as competitive conditions change. In the grocery aisle, we easily switch from one breakfast cereal or detergent to another depending on what’s on sale. But for each new supplier, your company needs to check them for compliance with quality requirements and other business practices, individually add them into your supplier and financial reporting systems, have their inventories separately handled and stored, and have their invoices separately processed and paid. Together,...
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