Based largely on the strategic sourcing approach used

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Unformatted text preview: ment solution that walks online users through each step of a consulting-type procurement methodology, including gathering data, analyzing requirements, and setting strategy, as well as executing e-procurement through shopping e-marketplaces, conducting reverse auctions, and using other methods that are built into the application. Based largely on the strategic sourcing approach used by Andersen Consulting, one of the largest firms in procurement consulting and an investor in the company, the subscription-based service includes industry and commodity templates, evaluation tools, “coaching” and related on-line support. Initial results from using this approach to eprocurement have been impressive. Across about $400 million in spending volume, B2eMarkets’ customers have achieved cost reductions averaging 25%, and have achieved them in about half the time of traditional strategic sourcing processes. Whether this approach, like the others, is right for you depends on where you are today and what you are trying to achieve. A strategic sourcing oriented program is perhaps the most...
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