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Unformatted text preview: achieved. Yes, the numbers are staggering, and the potential of e-procurement as an element of business-to-business e-commerce is dramatic. But it is important to recognize that IBM’s program has been 5 years in the making and has required a virtual transformation of its entire set of traditional procedures for contracting, ordering, payment, and overall supplier management. E-procurement: Who’s Doing It? Think e-procurement is just a nitch or a fad? Here are some of the major corporations who have programs underway to unlock the variety of potential benefits that are highlighted in this article. Texas Instruments: Over 100,000 purchase orders annually for MRO and related items are now processed through on-line systems. Costs per purchase order have dropped by 80%, and staff time has been redeployed to focus on strategic supplier management activities. Within six months, prior catalog-based approaches were completed replaced, and savings through efficiency gains are running at a level of over $12 million annually. Owens Corning: In the past year, over $250 m...
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