E procurement is rapidly becoming an important issue

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Unformatted text preview: fident can meet pre-approved levels of price and quality. E-procurement is rapidly becoming an important issue. A recent survey by Deloitte Consulting found that among a cross-section of major corporations, only about 15% are satisfied with their current level of e-procurement activity. However, of those relatively few companies who have extensively adopted e-procurement solutions to date, 88% are satisfied with the results –– and are reporting returns on investment that often approach or exceed 300%.1 Not surprisingly then, Purchasing magazine reports that over 90% of purchasing professionals expect to be buying online within the next 12 months –– with a total of perhaps several trillion dollars of goods and services transacted online over the next several years.2 What are you trying to achieve? In order to get started in e-procurement, you need to establish a strategy and choose the specific tools and services to help you execute it. Too often, articles and promotional materials on e-procurement fail to d...
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