General electric americas consistently most admired

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Unformatted text preview: of volume leverage and better purchasing controls. BNSF is also using reverse auctions to sell off surplus locomotives, buy equipment parts, contract for future natural gas needs, and other purposes – with 8-10% savings achieved to date. Plans are also underway to broaden the supplier pool and improve transaction efficiency by developing a vertical e-marketplace with other major railroads. General Electric: America’s consistently most admired company and CEO are pursuing eprocurement in a major way, with initiatives in transaction processing efficiency, web-based auctions, on-line supplier collaboration, and purchasing process improvement – as well as programs to sell e-procurement services to other companies. With about $5 billion of on-line auctions planned for the coming year across plastics, medical equipment, aircraft engines, power systems, and other business units, GE expects to save $500 million or more in purchase prices and to reduce transaction costs by up to 90% -- on millions of transactions per year. On-l...
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