In many consulting projects the first and arguably

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Unformatted text preview: t really know these basic facts about their internal operations. Decentralized corporate structures and the autonomy given to individual business units have often resulted in an inability to take full advantage of business-to-business ecommerce. In many consulting projects, the first, and arguably most valuable, task performed is “building the fact base” that can later be used to develop and implement improvement programs –– an arduous task that often involves piecing together information from a dozen disparate, incomplete, and inconsistent data sources. In e-procurement, and auctions in particular, it is critical to know how much volume you have and how much you can realistically commit to the winning bidder. Finally, the price of individual items is often only one consideration in determining the most appropriate supplier for your business. Other price-related considerations such as payment terms, warranties, shipping and duties, as well as non-price factors such as lead times, product innovation, and access to new technology m...
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