Objective process improvement new e procurement

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Unformatted text preview: comprehensive approach to e-procurement, with the greatest potential long-run benefits. For many companies, however, starting with the basics of increasing efficiency, accessing a more competitive supply base, and leveraging volume, as discussed earlier, may be the appropriate first steps, with more sophisticated solutions coming later. Objective: Process Improvement • New e-procurement providers can help you apply a full range of strategic sourcing “best practices” through the Internet • Most comprehensive approach, but also requires greatest discipline and management support • Does not replace working with suppliers the old fashioned way on continuous improvement and other key aspects of relationship Any software-based solution is only effective if it is fully and correctly used, of course, and is only as good as what’s programmed into it. Experience, diligence, and sound judgement are still required – especially in unique situations –– and no electronic commerce system can take their place … at least not yet. And even a sophisticated onl...
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