One of the primary catalogs can cut transaction costs

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Unformatted text preview: nd pricing arrangements that are already in place, • IT systems and on-line supplier whether good or bad. One of the primary catalogs can cut transaction costs ways to achieve streamlined purchasing, for example, is to have access to the catalogs • Real savings come only when staff and pricing of current suppliers available activities and costs are realigned right at each user’s desktop. Need some office supplies? Click on an icon and your order will automatically be billed to your • Does not address competitiveness department and shipped to your desk. Need of current suppliers or ability to to order raw materials for next month’s plant drive prices down through Webproduction? You can punch in your supplier based tools order directly from the manufacturing floor. Perhaps the supplier even has access to the production plan and current inventory levels and automatically reorders the materials for you, all at prearranged prices. This type of deep and collaborative integration, facilitated by visibili...
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