Purchasing magazine annual survey of on line buying

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Unformatted text preview: ctives you are trying to achieve, and the answers to the previous questions. E-procurement offers substantial bottom-line benefits, but don’t expect a miracle overnight, and be aware of the limitations and pitfalls that can accompany dramatic changes in supply chain operations. 1 2 3 “Leveraging the e-Business Marketplace: Business-to-Business e-Procurement Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges,” Deloitte Consulting, 1999. Purchasing Magazine, Annual Survey of On-line Buying, 1999. Capital Consulting & Management, Inc. (CCMI) ongoing client studies, 2000. About the Author Scott A. Elliff is Founder and President of Capital Consulting & Management, Inc. (CCMI), offering high-quality analysis, practical advice, and fresh perspectives to help clients achieve bottom-line improvements in profitability, effectiveness, and market position. Mr. Elliff has sixteen years experience consulting to a wide range of Fortune 500 and other companies, with particular expertise in supply chain management, including product development, forecasting, procurement, scheduling, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, inventory management, and customer service. He has written and spoken widely about these topics in a number of industry conferences and publications. CCMI can be found on the Web at www.CCMIservices.com. Mr. Elliff can be reached at (703) 370-2607 or by e-mail at [email protected] All materials © CCMI 2000....
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