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Since the level of effort and discipline required by

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Unformatted text preview: hat includes substantial internal data gathering and external market research, extensive use of analytical and scenario modeling tools, in-depth strategy development and planning, and disciplined execution by a staff team that is devoted exclusively to the effort –– what is typically called a “strategic sourcing” program. Since the level of effort and discipline required by strategic sourcing is often difficult to sustain once the consultants are gone, purchasing procedures sometimes revert back to traditional ways of doing business and the bottom line gains are not maintained, both reducing value to the client and undermining the reputation of the consultants. New players in e-procurement have emerged to address this situation as well, offering Internet-based tools and processes that give users the ability to access and apply best practices tailored to their specific situations and that allow users to remain fully in control of their own procurement activities. For example, B2eMarkets, Inc., offers users a Strategic eSourcing Manage...
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