The potential of e procurement e procurement is an

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Unformatted text preview: ine solution can’t replace meeting and working with suppliers the old fashioned way. These personal relationships have always been important for improving business practices, changing specifications, integrating information systems, and seeking win-win improvements in pricing, quality, and service levels –– and will continue to be important in the future as well. The Potential of E-Procurement E-procurement is an exciting and rapidly evolving aspect of e-commerce and supply chain management that promises to yield significant improvements for the companies who buy trillions of dollars of goods and services today. But it is not a panacea. IBM, last year’s winner of Purchasing magazine’s top honor, bought over $12 billion per year over the Internet in 1999 and is rapidly making electronic procurement a requirement for all its suppliers. IBM estimates that electronic-commerce related procurement process improvements will save over $200 million annually, and believes that substantial further gains can be...
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