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What do i buy simple stuff mostly copy paper printer

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Unformatted text preview: this article, I thought it might be useful to add a little personal test of the different procurement alternatives that are available to me personally as a small, professional services business. What do I buy? Simple stuff -- mostly copy paper, printer supplies, and some pencils; my value come from my experience and what’s in my head, though I have to get it down on paper, and manage the cash flow that it generates (so add some billing and time tracking software in my market basket, too). But there are lots of different ways I can buy it: 1. Order by phone using a supply catalog that’s been mailed to me periodically for years (the incumbent – with free delivery and a box of cookies if I order $200). 2. Go down to the mall and pick it up from the name-brand office supply mega-store (remember to account for the travel time!) 3. Order over the Internet using the websites of the major brick-and-mortar retailers. 4. Use my membership in various professional organizations, whose sites offer preferred suppliers at presumably discounted rates. 5. Use a vertical marketplace that offers a range of products and services to small business real estate tenants in office parks....
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