With new systems appearing that will track the status

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Unformatted text preview: ty throughout the supply chain, is not now routinely practiced, and represents an area of great growth and opportunity. With new systems appearing that will track the status of incoming materials in real time, across multiple transportation carriers, look for leading companies to use this increased supply chain visibility to enhance their use of e-procurement. Even then, streamlining the process does little to address the other major potential sources of value from e-procurement –– the ability to stimulate competition, drive better prices and services, and bring these improvements directly to the bottom line. Overall, the usefulness of efficiency-oriented e-procurement solutions depends largely on how efficient your current purchasing processes are to begin with, how good your existing supply contracts are, and how much added value is available by redeploying staff who are now working primarily on transaction processing and related administrative tasks. Broadening the pool of suppliers Typically, a 1% improvement in the overall cost of purchased materials and s...
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