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Unformatted text preview: the first year of the charge, traffic delays in London dropped by . 30percent, journey time reliability increased by 30 percent, and average speeds rose 17 percent . . 2 pricing/ . 1194817104300/dot-earth-the-cost-of-cars.html 12 6 Ch 9: Water and Water Pollution: Quantity and Quality Two sources of Water; Groundwater: Dynamic efficiency Surface Water: Mostly Static Efficiency Efficiency in Water Allocation Surface Water: Equate Marginal Net Benefits Across Users with in a time period. Ground Water: Equate the present value of marginal net benefits across time periods. Undiscounted scarcity rent (water price) will rise over time. PV scarcity rent (marginal user cost) is equalized. 7 Alberta Water Allocation in Alberta Farm and rural household use which has the highest priority and does not require a license. Prior Allocation/Appropriation System: Gov t own the rights water. Licenses have been traditionally allocated on the first-in-time, first-in-right principle for both surface and ground water. The older the license, the higher that user is on the priority list. This allows the owners of the first licenses issued to access the full amount of water issued before newer licensees have access, regardless of use. Water licenses granted under this principle have no expiry date. However, licenses issued under the Water Act are now issued for a fixed period. 8 Alberta Water Licence Fee Schedule Apart from the license fee there is no charge for water diverted under provincial license. 9 Water Transfers In 1999, Alberta published the new Alberta Water Act under which public and private entities are allowed to transfer withdrawal rights separate from land titles, which has enabled Albertans to move toward more effective water markets. As part of the plan, Alberta Environment will no longer accept new water license applications for SSRB. Water allocations may still be obtained through water allocation t...
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