Ch 7 and 8 Air Pollution, Ch 9 Water and Water Pollution large

Water allocations may still be obtained through water

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Unformatted text preview: ransfers. 10% of the transfer is withheld for ecological reasons. Prices: $133 to $7500 per acre foot. Examples of Trades The most noted was the Municipal District of Rocky View s purchase of approximately 6,700 cubic metres of water per day from the Western Irrigation District, needed to supply water to a large shopping centre and horse-racing complex under construction near Balzac. Many have been transfers between different plots of land controlled by the same owner. Transaction costs for trading were large. 10 Athabasca River Allocations Oil Sands Mines Most water withdrawn from the Athabasca River In 2005, 80 percent of the water licenses held by three of the major oil sands companies, Suncor, Syncrude, and Albian Sands Only 39 to 68 percent of the allocations were actually used. 11 Some Pricing Recommendations Water Pricing: based on amount used, type of water, and whether use is consumptive (water is removed from the hydrological cycle or polluted.) Reporting of volumes used is already required. Tradable Allocation Licenses; You won t get trading until the gov t stops giving out relatively cheap allocations. Water disposal charges-for water polluted or sent for deep well injection. Water Trading Australia Australian states overlapping the Murray-Darling river basin placed a cap on the volume of water that could be drawn from the river system in the 1980s . Trading much more highly developed than in Canada Still problems with the cap: Although the Murray-Darling is Australia's longest river system, draining a basin the size of France and Spain combined, it no longer (2008) carries enough water to carve its own path to the sea. Last month (Oct 2010), the Murray Darling Basin Authority recommended cutting water allocations to farmers by 3 trillion to 4 trillion liters the equivalent of eight Sydney Harbors -- in a district 1 times the size of Texas. 12 Walkerton In May 2000, the town of Walkerton, Ontario suffered one of Canada s worst o...
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