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Lecture Notes_1-2_Semiconductors_2014

35 see explanation for slide 21 36 c arsenic as

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Unformatted text preview: er chip, are made of single- crystalline semiconductors, like Si. We can generate a single crystal by integer multiples of unit cells, which are not unique. 29 Simple cubic, body- center cubic (BCC), and face- center cubic (FCC) 30 Energy potential profile of a single crystal, which has a periodic arrangement of atoms. Si has 14 electrons, and the last four, 2 3s and 2 3p, hybridize into 4 tetrahedron bonds, which then generate a diamond lattice structure. 31 A diamond lattice structure consists of two interpenetrating FCC lattices, as shown in the figure at the bottom. When one type of atoms (such as Ga) occupy one FCC sublattice and another type of atoms (such as As) occupy the other FCC sublattice, we have a zincblende structure for GaAs. 35 See explanation for Slide 21. 36 (C) Arsenic (As) has 5 valence electr...
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