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20 from algebra of nopo it is equal to ni2 where ni is

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Unformatted text preview: ts of π/L in k space) in the shell between E and E+dE. 15- 17 Repeat of previous slides. 18 Using the density of states gc(E) calculated from Slide 14 and the Boltzmann Approximation in Slide 12, we calculate the electron density in the conduction band no as shown. The effective density of states for Si is 6 times the calculated value above because Si has an indirect band gap, as shown in Slide 7, and the minimum of the CB is at pc, a particular momentum in the x axis. Because the diamond structure of Si is cubic, x, - x, y, - y, z, and –z directions are equivalent. Therefore, there are six places in momentum space the C.B. electrons can populate. 19 Similar discussions for holes, except the hole density of states is not si...
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