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Unformatted text preview: x times the calculated value because the maximum of VB occur at zero momentum. 20 From algebra of nopo, it is equal to ni2, where ni is the intrinsic carrier concentration. In deriving no and po, we did not specify the material is intrinsic. Therefore nopo = ni2 is true for intrinsic and extrinsic (doped) semiconductors. 21 The intrinsic carrier concentration is a function of the band gap. The higher the band gap is, the lower the intrinsic carrier concentration. 22 (E) The Fermi level in an intrinsic semiconductor (EFi) is in the middle of the band gap because equal number of electrons in the C.B. and holes in the V.B. 23 EFi is exactly in the middle of the band gap if the electron and hole effective mass are the same (so that the density of...
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