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Band diagram of accumulation the charges are

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Unformatted text preview: and “perfect” oxide, which means no carrier (electron or hole) transport through the oxide. (A). Under negative bias, holes accumulate at the oxide- semiconductor interface, resulting in closer distance between the Fermi level and the valence band edge. That is, the valence band moves up. The conduction band and the intrinsic Fermi level move up the same amount. So does the metal Fermi level since the energy difference between the CB and the metal Fermi level is fixed. Band diagram of Accumulation. The charges are indicated as thin rectangles. The “prime” in Q’ means charge per unit area. Band diagram of Depletion. Now we have a depletion region, xd (Pierret’s book uses W), in the semiconductor because holes are repelled away by the positive gate bias...
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