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Lecture Notes_20-22_MOS_2014

For simplicity we consider only a sheet of fixed

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Unformatted text preview: metals have different work functions and semiconductors have different work functions when the doping is different. The metal- semiconductor work function difference φms = φm - φs = φm’ - φs’. Here φm and φs are referenced to the Vacuum Level, whereas φm’ and φs’ are referenced to the conduction band of the oxide. This work function difference is like the built- in voltage in a pn junction. φms in this example is negative. The work function difference - φms is divided between the oxide and the semiconductor, or Vox0 + φs0. Note that eφm’ is fixed, and so is the electron negativity of the semiconductor eχ’. Another non- ideal factor is interface- trapped charges, mobile or fixed oxide charges (produced during growth or d...
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