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Ko is 39 in the depletion regime we have a depletion

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Unformatted text preview: d is the oxide thickness. Thus, the flat- band voltage is –(Qo/Cox)(xo/d), which shows that the fixed oxide charge has the largest effect at the interface, when xo = d. Therefore, we consider only the oxide charge at the interface from now on. Combining the work function difference, the flat- band voltage VFB = φms – (Qo/Cox). If we call Qo, Qss’, then VFB = φms – (Qss’/Cox). [Sorry for interchanging Qo and Qss’.] This slide is a slightly different variation of deriving the flat- band voltage, VFB = φms – (Qss’/Cox). Any voltage applied to the gate, it is divided into two parts: potential drop across the semiconductor and the potential drop across the oxide. At flat- band, there is no net charge in the semiconductor, and t...
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