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Note that em is fixed and so is the electron

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Unformatted text preview: mobile electrons, which depends exponentially on VG above the threshold. Here we calculate the depletion width xd (or W in Pierret’s book) and the amount of band bending, as denoted by eφ, which is positive pointing downward. At the oxide- semiconductor interface, it is eφs. Study the derivation on p. 578. The left figure is when the interface is intrinsic, which means that eφs = |eφFp| . This is the onset of “weak inversion”. The right figure is at threshold or “strong inversion”, when eφs = 2 |eφFp| . Self- explanatory. (b). For an n- type substrate, to create an inversion means to induce holes at the oxide- semiconductor interface. Therefore, we need a large negative bias on the gate to attract holes. In practice, different...
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