Lecture Notes_20-22_MOS_2014

The inversion electrons at the interface come from

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Unformatted text preview: . The semiconductor depletion charge QSD’ = qNAxd Band diagram of Threshold. The gate bias VG is now called VT. The bands bend down further than those in the last slide. The semiconductor Fermi level is now higher than the intrinsic Fermi level, meaning at the interface the semiconductor is now n- type, which we call “Inversion”. At threshold, EC – EFs at the oxide- semiconductor interface equals EFs – EV in the bulk (outside the depletion region), which means that the electron density at the interface is equal to the hole density in the bulk. Also, the depletion region reaches a maximum, xdT, and the space charge reaches a maximum, QSD’(max). The charge on the metal is now QmT’, and the electron charge at the interface is Qn’. The inversion electrons at the interface come...
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