IFRS Foundation chair slams 'tweaks' to global rules _ Accountancy Live

Prada als o s aid that the dynam ic s of ifrs c

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Unformatted text preview: e rem arkable progres s and has reac hed s ubs tantial c onvergenc e with IFRS’. Prada als o s aid that the ‘dynam ic s of IFRS’ c ontinue to be very s trong in Japan, although it has yet to m andate a full trans ition to IFRS. Current es tim ates s ugges t that 60 Japanes e c om panies will be reporting us ing IFRS, repres enting around 20% of the total c apitalis ation of the Japanes e Stoc k Exc hange. He urged juris dic tions to play a full part in international dialogue on the is s ues via the Ac c ounting Standards Advis ory Forum (ASAF). Ge t the late st ne ws in your inbox. Sign up to re ce iv e the Accountancy Liv e e -ne wsle tte r, HERE C C H is a t rading nam e of W olt ers Kluwer (U K) Lim it ed. R egis t ered in England & W ales , N o. 450650. R egis t ered of f ic e: 145 London R oad, Kings t on upon Tham es , Surrey KT2 6SR . W olt ers Kluwer (U K) Lt d is aut horis ed and regulat ed by t he F inanc ial Serv ic es Aut horit y f or general ins uranc e bus ines s . http://www.accountancylive.com/cr oner /jsp/Editor ial.do?channelId= - 601061&contentId= 2827686 2/2...
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