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1. Marx & Engels would not have approved of our current globalized world. In fact, this passage views the globalization and socio-economic interdependence of nations as a tool of the bourgeoisie. “In place of the old local and national seclusion and self-sufficiency, we have intercourse in every direction, universal interdependence of nations.” Our current economic status is a result of the exploitation of the bourgeoisie. Marx and Engels prefer the seclusion and the self-sufficiency of countries. It seems that even though the world marker has a “cosmopolitan character”, the means by which the bourgeoisie “draw all nations into civilization…compels all nations, on pain of extinction, to adopt the bourgeois mode of production.” The globalization of the world, as Marx and Engels see it, is just the way that the bourgeoisie force all nations to comply and adapt. The bourgeoisie are given a God complex, in that they “create a world after its own image.” I think the idea of a worldwide worker revolt is becoming more likely. On one hand, the
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