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Unformatted text preview: ve [email protected] as his user name.) When you use data services, your user name is submitted to identify you to the Nationwide Sprint Network. Your user name is automatically programmed into your phone. You don’t have to enter it. Update Your User Name If you choose to change your user name and select a new one online, or make any changes to your services, you must then update the profile on your phone. 1. Press and tap ettings ore ystem update. >S >M >S 2. Tap Update Profile. Launch a Web Connection Follow the below procedure to launch a Web connection. Web and Data 66 n Press and tap Internet. (Your data connection starts and you see the home page.) Note: The first time you access the Web on your phone, you may be prompted to sign in with your phone number. Enter your number and tap Ok. 4G Services 4G is a service that must be included in your service plan and also available within your area. 4G coverage is currently available in only certain markets. For more details on 4G availability go to: sprint.com/4G and click the Coverage map link. Note: If 4G service is not included in your service plan, the 4G icon will not appear in the Notifications area. Not all services are available on 4G and coverage may default to 3G/separate network where 4G unavailable. Important: 4G service must be added to your account before attempting a connection to the 4G network. Depending on which icons appear within the Notifications area, your services and features will change. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi provides wireless Internet access over distances of up to 300 feet. To use your phone’s Wi-Fi, you need access to a wireless access point or “hotspot.” The availability and range of the Wi-Fi signal depends on a number of factors, including infrastructure and other objects through which the signal passes. Turn Wi-Fi On and Connect to a Wireless Network By default, your phone’s Wi-Fi feature is turned off. Turning Wi-Fi on makes your phone able to discover and connect to compatible in-range Wi-Fi networks (or WAPs - wireless access points). Turn Wi-Fi On 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap the ON/OFF switch beside Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi On. Tip: You can also turn Wi-Fi on and off through the Notification panel. Drag the Notification panel down and tap Wi-Fi to enable or disable Wi-Fi. Note: Most Wi-Fi networks are self-discoverable, which means no additional steps are required for your phone to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It may be necessary to provide a user name and password for certain closed wireless networks. Web and Data 67 Connect to a Wi-Fi Network 1. Press and tap > ettings onnections i-Fi. S >C >W 2. The network names and security settings (Open network or Secured with xxx) of detected Wi-Fi networks are displayed. l When you select an open network, you will be automatically connected to the network. l When you select a secured network, you will need to enter the wireless password to connect to the network. Enter the password and tap Connect. Y...
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