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Unformatted text preview: se contacts to your contacts list. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) From your phone, you can add, set up, and manage virtual private networks (VPNs) that allow you to connect and access resources inside a secured local network, such as your corporate network. Prepare Your Phone for VPN Connection Depending on the type of VPN you are using at work, you may be required to enter your login credentials or install security certificates before you can connect to your company’s local network. Youcan get this information from your network administrator. Web and Data 72 Before you can initiate a VPN connection, your phone must first establish a Wi-Fi or data connection. For information about setting up and using these connections on your phone, see Launch a Web Connection and Turn Wi-Fi On and Connect to a Wireless Network. Set Up a Screen Lock If your network administrator instructs you to download and install security certificates for VPN access, you’ll need to set up a pattern, PIN, or password screen lock to protect information on your phone. For more information, see Screen Lock. Add a VPN Connection The following procedures outline the method to use when adding a VPN connection. 1. Press and tap ettings onnections ore networks PN. >S >C >M >V 2. Tap , and then enter the information for the VPN you want to add. Information includes Name, Type, Server address, PPP encryption (MPPE), and Show advanced options. Consult the VPN administrator for more information. 3. When finished, tap Save. Connect to a VPN The following describes how to connect to a VPN. 1. Press and tap ettings onnections ore networks PN. >S >C >M >V 2. In the VPNs section, tap the VPN that you want to connect to. 3. When prompted, enter your login credentials, and then tap Connect. When you are connected, a notification displays. 4. Open the Web browser to access resources such as intranet sites on your corporate network. Disconnect from a VPN The following describes how to disconnect from a VPN connection. 1. Touch and hold the title bar, and then drag down to open the Notification panel. 2. Tap the VPN connection to return to the VPN settings screen, and then tap the VPN connection to disconnect from it. Web and Data 73 Camera and Video Use the camera to take and share pictures and videos. Important: Do not take photos of people without their permission. Do not take photos in places where cameras are not allowed. Do not take photos in places where you may interfere with another person’s privacy. Take Pictures Launch the Camera app to take pictures. 1. Press and tap Apps > Camera. 2. Using the display as a viewfinder, compose your picture by aiming the lens at the subject. You can rotate the phone to any position, and the screen controls rotate to make taking pictures easy. 3. As you compose a picture, the Camera automatically focuses the shot (the focus bracket turns green), or: l Touch the screen to focus on the area you touched. l “Pinch” the screen, or press the Volume Key, to zoom in or out. l Configure other options. For more inf...
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