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Unformatted text preview: and year. l Select a time for the event by tapping the time field and then adjusting the hour and minute. Tap the All day field to assign this as an all-day event. If assigned as an all-day event, the time fields are removed as options. l Select a recurrence cycle for the event by tapping the Repeat field. l Select an alarm time by tapping the Reminder field. l Enter a location for the event in the Location field or tap map. to select the location on the a l Enter a description for the event in the Description field. l Tap Memos to add an S Memo file as an attachment. For more information, see S Memo. l Tap Images to add an image from the Gallery or take a new picture using the camera. 6. Tap Save to store the new event and synchronize it with your selected account. View Events The following procedure helps you view your calendar events. 1. Press and tap Apps > Calendar. 2. To change the calendar view, tap the Year, Month, Week, Day, List, or Task tab. 3. Tap the day for which you would like to view events. (Your phone lists events in chronological order.) 4. To display an event’s details, tap it from the current screen. Erase Events The following procedures show you how to erase your calendar events. 1. Press and tap Apps > Calendar. 2. Select an event to display its details, and then tap elete. >D 3. Follow the prompts to delete the event. Calculator Your phone comes with a built-in calculator. 1. Press and tap Apps > Calculator. 2. Enter numbers and operators by tapping the onscreen keyboard. Tap C to clear all numbers. Tools and Calendar 87 Downloads The Downloads application allows you to manage files you download to your phone. n Press and tap Apps > Downloads. Note: Applications you download from Google Play™ Store are managed with the Play Store application, and do not display in Downloads. Dropbox Dropbox provides access to your desktop files directly from your phone. This app allows you to bring your files with you when you're on the go, edit files in your Dropbox from your phone, upload photos and videos to Dropbox, and share your selected files freely with family and friends. The app works in conjunction with a partner program placed on a target computer using an active Internet connection. Dropbox creates a folder that automatically synchronizes its contents across all of your connected devices on your account. Update a file to your Dropbox on your computer, and it’s automatically updated to the same folder on your other devices. Download the Desktop Application Follow the procedures below to download the desktop application. 1. Use your computer’s browser to navigate to dropbox.com. 2. Follow the onscreen setup and installation instructions on your target computer containing the desired files. Important: The computer application must be installed on the computer containing the desired files. This computer must have an active Internet connection. Access Dropbox on your Phone Access the Dropbox app and set up your Dropbox a...
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