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Unformatted text preview: ’s hotspot name and password. Note: Using the Sprint Hotspot feature consumes battery power and uses data services. 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap Sprint hotspot llowed devices. >A 3. Tap , and then enter the other device’s Device name and MAC address. Consult the other device’s settings to find its MAC address. 4. Tap OK to add the device to the Allowed devices list. Bluetooth Settings Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology for exchanging information over a distance of about 30 feet. You don’t need to line up the devices to send information with Bluetooth. If the devices are in range, you can exchange information between them, even if they are in different rooms. Your device can use Bluetooth to share photos, contacts and other content with other Bluetooth devices. Many of the apps on your deviceprovide options for sharing via Bluetooth under Menu. Turn Bluetooth On or Off When Bluetooth is On, you can scan and find other Bluetooth devices to share information between the devices. Turn Bluetooth Off when not in use to conserve battery power. 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap the ON/OFF switch beside Bluetooth to turn Bluetooth On or Off. Note: You can also turn Bluetooth On or Off from the Notification panel. Drag down from the top of the screen, and then tap the Bluetooth button. Settings 98 Configure Bluetooth Settings Pair with other Bluetooth devices, manage your Bluetooth connections, and control your device’s visibility to other devices. 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap Bluetooth, and then tap the ON/OFF switch to turn Bluetooth On. Bluetooth must be On to configure settings. 3. From the Bluetooth screen, configure these settings: l Tap the ON/OFF switch to turn Bluetooth On or Off. l Tap your device’s name to enable or disable visibility to other Bluetooth devices. When your device is visible, other devices can find your devices during a scan. Your device remains visible for the period of time set in the Visibility timeout setting. l Tap a paired device to connect to it, or touch beside a device to change its settings. l Tap Scan to search for visible Bluetooth devices. After searching, tap a device to pair with it. 4. Tap for more settings: l Visibility timeout: et the length of time your device is visible to other devices when you S turn on visibility. l Received files: iew files transferred to your device via Bluetooth. V Data Usage Settings Monitor data usage, and control your device’s connection to mobile data service. Note: Data is measured by your phone. Your service provider may account for data usage differently. 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap Data usage to configure options: l Mobile data: nable or disable Mobile data. You can also control Mobile Data at E Notifications. l Limit mobile data usage: hen enabled, your mobile data connection will be disabled W when the specified limit i...
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