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Unformatted text preview: third parties while being transferred. Use Group Play only for personal and non-profit purposes. Using Group Play for commercial use violates copyright law. The company is not responsible for copyright infringement by users. Create a Group and Share Note: To use Group Play, all participants must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 1. Press and tap Apps > Group Play. 2. Tap Set group password reate Group, and then follow the prompts to create a group. >C You’ll need to set up a group password, which participants will use to join your Group Play session. 3. After you create the group, your phone turns on the mobile AP (Access Point). Follow the onscreen directions to bring other devices back-to-back with your phone to join the group. 4. Choose options for sharing: l Share music: elect music stored on your phone or on an optional installed memory card S (not included). l Share images: elect pictures stored on your phone or on an optional installed memory S card (not included). l Share documents: elect documents stored on your phone or on an optional installed S memory card (not included). l Play games and more: lay games with other participants. P Join a Group 1. Press and tap Apps > Group Play. 2. Tap Join Group. Your phone scans for nearby available groups. Your device can only detect groups on the same Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to. Camera and Video 84 3. Select a group to join. After connecting, you can see and interact with the group’s shared media. Camera and Video 85 Tools and Calendar Learn how to use many of your phone’s productivity-enhancing features. Clock Set alarms to keep track of time. Create an Alarm 1. Press and tap Apps > Clock. 2. Tap Create alarm, and then enter information for the alarm. 3. Tap Save to store the new alarm event. Delete an Alarm 1. Press and tap Apps > Clock. 2. Touch and hold an alarm, and then tap Delete. Calendar Use Calendar to create and manage events, meetings, and appointments. Your Calendar helps organize your time and reminds you of important events. Depending on your synchronization settings, your phone’s Calendar stays in sync with your Calendar on the Web, Exchange ActiveSync calendar, and Outlook calendar. Add an Event to the Calendar Add events to your Calendar to help you organize your time and remind you of important events. Note: To synchronize calendar events among your Google and Corporate accounts, make sure they are being managed by your phone. See Accounts and Messaging for more information. 1. Press and tap Apps alendar. >C 2. Double-tap a day to which you would like to add an event to reveal the Add event/Add task screen. 3. Tap the Calendar field to choose an account, if you have accounts set up on your phone. Available options depend on the account, and not all account support calendar synchronization. 4. Tap the Title field and enter a title for the event. 5. Tap OK, or tap Edit event details to enter more information about the event: Tools and Calendar 86 l Select a From/To time for the event by tapping the corresponding fields, and adjusting the month, day,...
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