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Unformatted text preview: ignal. l You may begin watching downloaded Media Content as soon as a) license acquisition has occurred and b) sufficient amount of the Media Content has been buffered. l You must finish watching Media Content within the time limit set out for each piece of content (which may be as short as 24 consecutive hours). o Stopping, pausing or restarting rented Media Content does not extend the available viewing time. o In no event will rented Media Content be available for a period of more than thirty (30) days (or shorter on a title-by-title basis) after the Media Content has been rented (e.g., if you begin viewing rented Media Content on the 29th day after the rental transaction, but do not finish viewing the entire title, that rented Media Content may not be available for the entire twenty-four (24) consecutive hour period if such period would extend the viewable time beyond the thirty (30) day rental window). l Unless otherwise restricted by the Content Providers, you can download Media Content to your TV using HDMI connections; otherwise, you cannot play Media Content downloaded Apps and Entertainment 59 from your mobile device output. Sprint TV & Movies With Sprint TV & Movies, you can watch live TVand access movies and other on demand entertainment on the go. Install the Sprint TV & Movies App on Your Phone Before you use Sprint TV & Movies on your phone, you must download and install the app from the Google Play Store app. 1. Press and tap > Play Store. 2. Touch the Search icon and search for "sprint tv". 3. Touch Sprint TV & Movies from the results list. Follow the prompts to install the app. Note: After installing, you can open the app from the home screen. Press Apps > and tap Sprint TV & Movies. Your Sprint TV Channel Options The Sprint TV application offers a wide variety of accessible channels. Subscription options include comprehensive basic packages as well as a full menu of “a la carte” channels. Visit sprintchannels.mobitv.com for more information on channels and pricing. Note: Coverage is not available everywhere. Content and lineup subject to change. Select channels also available for casual usage. Go to sprintchannels.mobitv.com for more information. Watch TV 1. Press and tap Apps > Sprint TV & Movies. 2. In the top bar, touch an option to see what’s available, and then browse through the available programming and touch a clip or channel to view the program. Note: The first time you access a channel that requires a subscription, you will be prompted to purchase access. Touch Subscribe to purchase access, or touch Preview to see a preview of the selected channel. Tip: For quick access, touch a featured item in the center of the screen or select a live channel from the bottom bar. Google Play Music Google Play Music lets you browse, shop, and play back songs purchased from the Google Play Store app, as well as songs you have loaded from your own music library. The music you choose is automatically stored in your Google Music library and instantly...
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