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Unformatted text preview: n multiple parts are automatically re-assembled to display as a single message. l Group messaging allows you to control how messages to multiple recipients are handled. When enabled, a single message is sent to multiple recipients. When disabled, a separate message is sent to each recipient. l Auto retrieve allows you to choose whether message attachment(s) are automatically downloaded when you display a multimedia message. If you disable this option, only the message header displays in the message list, and you’ll be prompted to download the attachment(s). l Roaming auto retrieve allows you to choose whether message attachment(s) are automatically downloaded while your phone is in roaming mode. l MMS alert allows you to have the phone alert you when you make a change to a message that will convert the message to a multimedia message (MMS). l Bubble style allows you to choose how messages appear on the screen. Bubbles are the boxes that surround each message. l Background style allows you to choose the background of the message screen. l Use the volume key allows you to change the text size while reading a message by pressing the Volume Key up or down. l Notifications allows you specify whether notifications for new messages display in the status bar. l Select ringtone allows you to set the ringtone for your message notifications. l Vibrate allows you to choose whether vibration plays along with the ringtone for new message notifications. l Message alert repetition allows you to choose how often your phone notifies you of new message(s). Accounts and Messaging 49 l Preview message allows you to choose whether a preview of a new message appears in the status bar with the message notification. l Emergency Alerts allows you to configure emergency alert settings. You can enable or disable some alerts: xtreme Alert, Severe Alert, Amber Alert, and Emergency alert test E messages. You cannot disable Presidential alerts. Important: The Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) system provides the government the ability to send geographically targeted notifications of emergencies, such as threats to public safety, severe weather events, a hazardous material spill or a missing child in the phone user’s area. l Emergency notification preview allows you to play a sample emergency alert tone. Tap Stop to cancel the playback. l Vibrate allows you to select vibrate options for emergency messages. l Alert reminder allows you to configure the reminder interval. l Add signature allows you add a text signature to all messages you send. l Signature text allows you to enter a text signature, when Add signature is enabled. l Spam settings allows you to filter incoming messages for spam messages. l Add to spam numbers allows you to enter telephone numbers, to automatically flag messages from the numbers as spam, when Spam settings is enabled. l Add to spam phrases allows you to enter a text phrase, to automatically flag messages as spam when they contain the phrase. Available when Spam settings are enabled. l Block unknown senders allows you...
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